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You are a CEO or Founder of a technology, SAAS or B2B company. You’re heavily investing in sales and marketing. You can see your teams are working hard to bring in the leads and conversions. But things seem to have hit a plateau or are not picking up as much as they could because you know there’s much potential for growth.

Sounds familiar?

Our Story

As business owners, we appreciate and empathize the challenges of other founders. When you are leading an organization, you have a lot on your plate, it’s easy sometimes to get deep into operations and not have enough time to step back and look at the holistic picture—opportunities of growth, choosing a focus area, strategic planning and more. And while this seems like a 'normal', is that’s what’s keeping you from achieving your business goals? How do you help your sales & marketing teams to achieve more?

At Saasprospects, our goal is to help founders solve this exact challenge.

Our team bring 20+ years of B2B sales and marketing experience which encompasses building and working at startups, and running sales orgs at mid-market and large enterprise firms.


Our forte is to help your sales and marketing teams achieve more through:

a) Account Based Marketing

b) Account Based Sales

In order to bring quick mindshare with your target audience, you need the right account based strategy. This helps your teams to focus on the right accounts, build solid relationships with buyer groups and win more.

Examples of projects:

a) Strike partnerships with leading media agencies, business aggregators and enterprise accounts for an ABM software firm, helped the company with several $20k+ deals. Launched ABM program targeted at marketing leaders of mid market software firms and generated Saas subscriptions

b) Helped a YC backed HR-tech company launch their product in the US and EU market. Launched ABM program targeted at HR and Talent leaders in specific industries, generated 30+ demos over 6 months

c) Helped a global pump company map their potential partner and customer universe in Africa and Middle East

d) Helped a fintech company to conduct a market survey on their corporate card offering in the US - Booked 25+ interviews with finance leaders at their target accounts, 100+ survey submissions which gave them tremendous insights on the current offerings, market trends and customer expectations

e) Advised a B2B FMCG sourcing provider on acquiring both global fmcg product buyers and fmcg marketers on to their business match making platform

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