Facility Directors in United States: 1000 contacts with valid emails

Facility Directors in United States: 1000 contacts with valid emails

Facility Directors, also referred to as directors of facilities or facilities managers, oversee the maintenance of buildings and grounds. These directors manage landscaping, building repairs, construction, renovations, and ordering of supplies for organizational facilities. Facility directors manage various personnel, such as repairmen, maintenance workers, supply managers, and landscapers, among others. In addition, facility directors organize and set up furniture and workstations, manage the budget for a facility’s repairs and maintenance, relocate offices and workstations as needed, and communicate with contractors. They are employed by private businesses, colleges and universities, government agencies, and non-profit organizations. 


Facility directors and managers are key decision makers in purchase of software and solutions related to facility management, and responsible for procurement of any and every hardware and equipment required to launch new facilities and maintain existing ones.


The list includes information such as First name, last name, name of employer, job title, company size, industry, official email id, location, LinkedIn URL (where available). Armed with this data, reach out to facility directors and managers through email or LinkedIn, and let them know how your product or solution can produce stellar ROI to their organizations.


This list of 1000 Facility directors and managers is updated every quarter and comes with 90% deliverability guarantee! Buy our mailing list of Facility directors and make great connections today!

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  • Facility Directors in United States

    1000 senior Facility Executives including Facility Directors, Facility Managers, Facility Executive and/or equivalent

    Geography: United States

    Contact points: First name, Last name, Company, Title, Business Email, LinkedIn (if available)

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